Cyfer Health System

A complete system for monitoring patients and other vulnerable individuals

  • Operational with very low cost heart monitor / health devices running on Android devices.
  • Emergency button functionality.
  • Alerts based on user defined heart criteria.
  • The apps making up the Cyfer Health system are: Client, Alerts Display, Watchdog, Monitor and Remote. The first three apps run on the patient's Android device and the next two apps run on the Carer's mobile or computer.
  • No subscription costs and no privacy concerns. Uses regular email for communications.

Not yet released

Collecting health readings
Monitoring on Carer's phone
Monitoring on a computer

Instant Messenger Export Viewer

Export and view WhatsApp, WeChat and KakaoTalk chats as HTML documents

  • WhatsApp, WeChat and KakaoTalk provide chat export functions but only as collections of individual files. This means it is very difficult, without Instant Messenger Export Viewer, to view the chat in its original form.
  • The instant messenger servers do not host chat media indefinitely. You should back it up (export it) frequently.
  • A single chat can be very large (gigabytes) especially if it contains a large amount of media. Instant Messenger Export Viewer provides functions to facilitate the viewing and sharing to other apps of such large chats.
  • Instant message conversations often contain sensitive information, for this reason the app contains no advertisements and does not ask for permissions such as access to your contacts.
  • Instant Messenger Export Viewer. is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Kakao, WhatsApp or Tencent (WeChat).
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Processing KakaoTalk, WeChat and WhatsApp chats
Viewing a chat in a browser
Viewing a chat in a browser


Zoetic creates a video from a series of photographs of a scene that has changed over time. The scene could be of a person, a building, a landscape...anything.

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A project's photos
Marking a photo with alignment points
Marking the area of interest
Poster showing a boy ageing from 0 to 50
Syncing video transitions to a music track
Poster, using just 2 photos, showing a garden in winter and summer

There's an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Zoetic tutorials and demos. Though you might want to check-out this intro video first.

VPN Check And Act

You are already using a VPN on your Windows device but are you continually checking that it is working as intended? If not, you need VPN Check and Act.

VPN Check and Act:

  • Checks that your VPN is up and that HTTP traffic is using the VPN
  • Acts when the VPN goes down by either completely killing activity (the traditional 'kill switch' that your VPN may already provide) or just terminating applications that you decide should only run when a VPN is operational.
  • Checks a VPN is up before allowing specific applications to be launched.

Identify running VPN
Identify application to terminate if VPN goes down
VPN goes does and application is terminated

Demo of VPN Check and Act ensuring that the qBittorrent application only runs while a VPN is active. Following the demo, instructions are presented on how to configure VPN Check and Act.

Family Monitor

Monitor your friends' and family's locations without having to install an app on their devices. Utilising Google Maps' location sharing functionality, Family Monitor enables alerts to be set that are based on the shared locations.

  • Install Family Monitor on the devices that should receive the alerts and ensure Google Maps is installed on the devices to be monitored.
  • Those to be monitored must opt-in to sharing their location and Google will periodically remind them that they are sharing their location with you. This ensures that Family Monitor is not used for nefarious activities.
  • Supported on multiple platforms. As well as on iOS and Android mobile devices, run Family Monitor on XBox One, Amazon Fire TV or any other Android enabled tv.
  • Keep track of an elderly parent or a mischievous child.
  • Playing on your XBox or watching the latest box-set on your Android tv when you should be studying or doing chores? Get notified when your parents / partner is getting close to home.
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The friends and family location being shared
The alerts that have been created
Alerts that have fired
Map showing alert location
Creating a new alert

A demo of Family Monitor including a quick introduction to setting up Google Maps' location sharing.