No Personal Information Approach

Cyfer Ltd has a policy to collect no personal information from its users. All apps only store personal information (if any) on the device running the Cyfer app. If a user emails Cyfer Ltd with, for example, a bug report or feature request, any personal information within the email does not leave the Google GMail email infrastructure, i.e. Cyfer Ltd does not copy personal information from the email to a local system. No apps contain advertisements and no analytics are used, hence no tracking of user behaviour is made available to Cyfer Ltd.

App specific information:

Cyfer Continuous Translator

  • Cyfer Translator does not store or process any personal or any other sensitive information in order to operate. However, it does process and optionally stores transcripts of the translated information which may contain sensitive information if such information is included in what the user has spoken. The transcripts are optionally stored locally, on the user's device, until the user activates the delete transcripts function. The user's speech audio is sent to Google for processing into text, and that text is then again sent to Google for translating. If the user activates the function that speaks the translated text, then the text may once again be sent to Google in order to convert the text to audio. The user should ensure themselves of Google's privacy policy before using Cyfer Translator for any sensitive information. Please ensure you are comfortable with the above before using Cyfer Translator for personal or any other sensitive information.

Cyfer Health Client and Cyfer Health Monitor

  • Cyfer Health collects the heart rate and daily steps of the user of the client app. Even though this information is not usually considered to be sensitive, especially as it is not associated with the user's real identity, it is still treated by the Cyfer Health system in a secure manner. The information is emailed to your Cyfer Health Monitor's email address. Both the client's and monitor's email addresses must be GMail accounts, set up by the manager of the system (i.e. you), to ensure good security practice.
  • Cyfer Health uses GMail to communicate between Clients and Monitors, therefore the apps require full access (read, write and delete emails) to the respective email accounts. Therefore, to protect privacy and the security of the patients' and carers' information, new GMail accounts dedicated to Cyfer Health must be used. (Current, existing, accounts must not be used.)

Cyfer Health Alerts

  • Cyfer Health Alerts displays alerts and messages sent to it, via email, by users of the Cyfer Health system. The only information available to the app is the content of the emails and the user's email account settings. The former do not leave the email infrastructure apart from to display the email content to the user. The email account settings are stored within the app and do not leave the user's device.
  • As for Cyfer Health Client and Cyfer Health Monitor, all communication is via emails. Cyger Health Alerts uses the same GMail account as the Cyfer Health Client installation, and therefore the constraints on the GMail account to use is the same as for Cyfer Health Client.

Cyfer Health Remote

  • Cyfer Health Remote only stores the information input to the on-screen form, on the local device. The form includes free text fields, so it is responsibility of the user to ensure they don't enter sensitive information.

Family Monitor

  • Family Monitor uses the services of Google Maps. The information sent from the device running Family Monitor to the Google Maps site is identical to the information sent when accessing Google Maps from a regular browser.

IM Export Viewer

  • Due to the often sensitive nature of instant messenger chats, IM Export Viewer was developed to not request or require permission to access information such as the user's contacts. The user can optionally provide a mapping between a phone number (or any other data) and a name, but this mapping never leaves the device and can be deleted by a simple function within the app. To implement IM Export Viewer's primary function, KakaoTalk and WhatsApp has to share chat information with the app but that information never leaves the user's device and can be fully deleted by a simple function within the app.

VPN Check and Act

  • Due to the sensitivity of the environment that a VPN typically works within, the user of VPN Check and Act may wish to set firewall rules to ensure that VPN Check and Act does not undertake any elicit network activity. The user should feel confident in taking that approach since VPN Check and Act does not require any network access apart from the geo location check as described in the next bullet. It is suggested that the firewall is set to allow access to the geo location site but VPN Check and Act will still function without that access.
  • VPN Check and Act makes calls to to retrieve geographical information to determine whether any active VPN is operating correctly. Apart from making an https call to that site no information is sent.


  • Graphical media, including Zoetic projects, can be stored on infrastructures such as iCloud, GDrive and OneDrive systems. However, this is as instructed by the user of Zoetic. By default, all media is stored and processed on the device running Zoetic.